Clinically Proven Geometries

Modernized tapered wedge femoral stem design used more than 30 years1-10

  • Designed for axial stability by creating cortical bone contact both at the medial and lateral endosteal cortices
  • A complete and comprehensive offering of offsets in femoral stem and femoral head designs

    GT Stem with Modular Heads  

Historically utilized poly liner locking mechanism with over 20 years of use11-14

  • Cup-to-head ratio designed to gain the largest size femoral head within a given cup without sacrificing bearing thickness
  • Cup provided with a “Ring Secured” locking ring that will not spin during insertion and an industry leading secured torque and lever out ratio’s with a intraoperative

Large diameter head (36mm) promote increased stability

  • For an identically placed cup and stem, a larger head provides increased range of motion before impingement and reduces the risk of dislocation15,16
  • Clinical studies show that large diameter heads (i.e., 32mm and greater) can be used to reduce the rate of dislocation17-20