Contemporary Implant Designs

Recognized femoral stem design with progressive features offer surgical adaptability33-35

  • Designed to Gradually Transition between selected sizes by increasing in all dimensions as the size selected increases
  • Narrowed femoral neck designed to allow increased range of motion before impingement
  • Shortened femoral stem lengths (i.e., 15-20% less than historic designs with this geometry type) to accommodate various surgical approaches

Fully coated hemispherical cup designed for biologic fixation29-31

  • Familiar 180-degree hemispherical, forged Ti-6Al-4V alloy cups
  • 2 & 3 hole cups (3 hole version approved) in both standard and finned provide immediate fixation with fins or cancellous bone screws. The ring is designed to eliminate “spinning” during the insertion process

Modular femoral heads facilitate functional versatility with various intraoperative bearing options

  • Ceramic and Cobalt Chrome femoral heads available in 28mm, 32mm, and 36mm diameters to assist with ensuring adequate fit and stability
  • Cobalt Chrome femoral Femoral heads in 5 different offset lengths (28mm, with short, medium, and long, with 32/36mm in short, medium, long and extra-long) to restore proper biomechanics and leg length