Our Story

Our Mission

The name ICONACY is a combination of the words ICON and LEGACY.  ICONACY’s mission is to develop and provide LEGACY products that feature clinically-proven geometries combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing and material technologies that address the needs of patients, surgeons, and hospitals.  ICONACY will employ the best experienced orthopedic surgeons, thought leaders, and commercialization talent in the market place to develop high quality products and to explore opportunities for new orthopedic technologies.

ICONACY invests in its family of employees and maintains a work environment that is entrepreneurial and conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual health.  The ICONACY family provides challenges and rewards to its employees in an effort to encourage them to make meaningful contributions to the company, the industry, and the local community.


Our Vision

ICONACY aspires to gain a reputation as being the High Quality, High Value leader in the Orthopedic Space.


Our Philosophy


At ICONACY, we believe that above all else, our business should be based on respect:

  • Respect for the people we work with,
  • Respect for the patients we serve, and
  • Respect for the health care providers we serve.