Simplified Instrument System

Friction-lock acetabular insert trials

  • Acetabular insert trial friction interface to cup permit intraoperative flexibility during joint trial reduction
  • Reduced trialing steps without the need for a screw to secure insert trial to cup, in situ

Intraoperative femoral stem offset selection with modular neck trials

  • Modular neck trials in standard, lateral and reduced lateral offerings for intraoperative use from the top of the femoral stem rasp
  • Fail-safe, “keyed” interface feature ensures that only the correct modular neck trial is matched to the associated femoral stem rasp

Dependable acetabular cup impactor

  • 4-point tip provides enhanced, “blind” securing of impactor-to-cup for quick intraoperative capture and locking
  • Solid lock interface to promote predictable cup placement

Condensed and comprehensive (flexible) set

  • Complete instrument set condensed to three, double-stacked trays
  • Instrument layout developed and aligned by acetabular and femoral prep for surgical simplicity